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Is Ukraine part of Russia

This is a commonly asked question and although the answer may seem obvious to many, there are some good underlying reasons as to why someone may pose this query.

The histories of Russia and the Ukraine have been intertwined for so long and for many years, both found themselves under the same rule so perhaps it should be expected for anybody to ask is Ukraine part of Russia.

Separate Entities

Both the Ukraine and Russia are individual, independent countries and have been so since the fall of the Soviet Union. From 1917 to 1991 however, they were both under Soviet rule and prior to that, history has brought them together on many occasions.

Ukraine’s own Act of Independence from Soviet rule was declared on 24th August 1991.

Close borders

Ukraine has a border with Russia to the east and both share a border with Belarus. This close proximity is another reason why some ask the question is Ukraine part of Russia.

In 1917, the fledgling Soviet Union brought the two together in a new period of Communist rule.

The Soviet Era

The October revolution of 1917 succeeded in overthrowing the Russian Royal Family and in so doing, it brought together many republics in the formation of the new Soviet Union.

Russia and Ukraine were just two countries to join the new Soviet republic and the period of Soviet rule continued until 1991.

A new period of Independence

Ukraine regained control of its own destiny in 1991 as independence was declared once again. The treaty was signed on the 24th of August and was something of a knee jerk reaction to the failed August coup in Russia where an attempt to restore Soviet rule was made.

The coup failed but the Ukraine parliament moved quickly to distance itself from Soviet politics altogether and a new era of independent, democratic rule began.

Ukraine today

Like many of its near neighbours, the Ukraine has opened its doors to tourists from all over the world and has become a popular destination for many travellers. With such a rich and fascinating history, there is much to see and do here and plenty of opportunities to learn about Ukraine’s past.

One of the most important developments for the new Ukraine came with the news that it would share hosting duties with Poland for the 2012 European Football Championships. This was seen as an acknowledgement of the progress the country has made since 1991 and providing the cost doesn’t outweigh the potential income, it should be a huge boost for the country’s economy.

Could the situation change?

Tensions exist between Russia and the Ukraine and in addition, many people have asked whether there could ever be a return to Soviet rule.

For the immediate future at least, that scenario seems very unlikely but it has to be hoped that any tension between the two countries doesn’t escalate into open hostility.

For now, Ukraine and Russia exist as two separate countries and while the long term future may be impossible to predict, that position is unlikely to change just yet.



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