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Russian Bear vodka advert

Normally, faux cyrillic writing does nothing more than irritate me. But this advert, for Russian Bear vodka, made me smile.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Siberian Light opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Click here to donate to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

Normally, faux cyrillic writing does nothing more than irritate me. But this advert, for Russian Bear vodka, made me smile.

If you look at the advert for the first time, it just looks like a jumble of cyrillic letters. But take a closer look in the mirror…

Russia Bear Vodka Advert

Russian Bear Vodka advert in the mirror


  • I don’t know how I got here, your blog, but I did. There was a time in Christian nations when a young man listened to his mother. When he was growing up. He was smart enough to read the passages of the bible she told him to and after many years the book of proverbs became a life lesson. If he is smart enough and lives long enough he will see that Solomne was recording the warnings that his mother was dictating to him from her past that she lived and knew so well. Was he writing down what he saw after many years of looking in the mirror or was he taking dictation?

  • That’s more Ukrainian that Russian.
    The Russian alphabet have no “I” letter 🙂

    But poster is great!

  • So, in subtle ways you are being told how to live your life much in the same way and manner we here in America are without end {In the purported and supposed ‘land of the free’!!!}! Soon, you will have to wear a seatbelt instead of making this choice on your own, have to turn your head lights on when it is dark out instead of making this decision on your own and have to turn your windhield wipers on when it rains out instead of doing so at your own discretion or face the hands of the liberal democrat way of thinking, ‘we know how to run your life better than you do’, by being strong-armed by the also liberal democrat law. It is the beginning of the end, so, enjoy what freedom or freedoms you have left while you can!

  • Seriously, Curtis… it’s an advert for vodka in the toilet of a bar (one assumes). You know, not everything is eroding your freedom, or a platform for spewing political garbage. It’s just a funny ad. The guy who wrote this blog came across it, liked it, posted it.

    There’s nothing sinister here, move on.



    High Colonel, Uber-Sekrit-Fun-Police.

  • Thats pretty cool. I think I will take it upon myself to create some fake Cyrillic and go to town on Local buildings and locations. Vandalism here we come!

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