Russia Blog roundup

There are so many high quality posts out there at the moment, that I think I might just manage to get through a whole roundup without mentioning the election…

Election? What election?

Right, that’s enough for this roundup. Til next time.

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10 Responses

  1. > Dmitry has also posted a video of Lenin giving a speech over at De Rebus

    I didn’t :). It was Seesaw at Russia Past and Present. The link is correct.

  2. Wow Andy, thanks for mentioning Soviet Russia once again… I’m afraid I’ll have to bring some caviar next time I fly back to Europe πŸ˜‰

    By the way, just yesterday a former crewmember of the aircraft-carrier USS Essex who witnessed the crash of the Tu-16 left a great comment, really worth to be read.

    Regarding the other posts in your roundup, I specially enjoyed Minaev’s ones and Nekka’s view of nowadays journalism in Russia.

  3. Andy, I used this roundup to extract the history-related articles for my own one. With proper references, of course πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    Xavi, the start of Soviet Russia is amazing. Wait for the next articles impatiently jumping on my chair! πŸ™‚

  4. Dimitri, thanks for your kind words. I can say the same about your blog… as soon as I read about Kosenko and Captain Sedov’s stories I added ‘De Rebus’ to my blogroll. Keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

  5. Andy says:

    Oops – sorry Dmitry (and Seesaw).

    I had a lot of browser windows open when compiling this post, and something in my brain must’ve melted.

    I’m away for the weekend, but will give the correct credits when I get back.

  6. Seesaw says:

    It’s good to be mentioned by you, even when you do it so, confusing Dmitry and Seesaw! Thanks.

  7. Red exile says:

    Thanks for the kind plug for Upgradeski, but the link seems to go to Ruminations – but delighted you read and liked the post

  8. Antonio says:

    Congratulations for your blog.
    You are hilarious and a good blog-writer. Keep those blog entries going.
    Greetings from Granada -EspaΓ±a-!

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