Weekly News #15

Protests, protests, protests, is the story of the week in Russia and its near abroad, with Kyrgyzstan’s Tulip revolution overshadowing the demonstrations in Belarus, Ingushetia and Bashkortostan.  Details of these, plus the latest about Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s trial, which is now drawing to a close.




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  1. March 31, 2005


    Andy has the weekly roundup… up. Everything dealing with Putin and his cronies and the near abroad! Check it out! My personal favorite was Russia’s threat to withhold funding from the OSCE if it doesn’t change its mission from those sickly human righ…

  2. March 31, 2005

    Russian revolts – March madness?

    It’s all going a bit mental in the former Soviet Union, in case you hadn’t noticed. Siberian Light’s weekly news roundup has some concerning and potentially important stories which the western media certainly doesn’t seem to have picked up on much.