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Uzbek President criticises Russian meddling in Ukraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Uzbek President Islam Karimov, in complete contrast to his earlier comments on the subject, today announced that Russia’s meddling in Ukraine’s election was counterproductive:

“Russia’s excessive demonstration of its willingness to see a certain outcome in the vote has done more harm than good,” Reuters quoted Karimov as saying at a news briefing.

This comment comes as such a shock because Karimov was one of the first heads of state to congratulate Yanukovich on his electoral ‘victory’ last week. 

I was somewhat at a loss as to why he would want to contradict himself so publicly.  Until, that is, I happened on an article about the EU’s foreign policy boss, Javier Solana, whose office announced this week that, contrary to what the man himself said last week, he had not in fact met with anyone from Hamas.

This was when I realised that Karimov truly has been taking to heart the EU’s advice on how to properly run a democracy.

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