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Ukrainian electoral fraud caught on video

Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Reuters has an amateur video from Ukraine which seems to be showing electoral fraud:

  • Yuschenko party officials being beaten up.
  • People being bused from polling station to polling station in government vans.
  • A Janitor who is upset that someone has just stuffed a bunch of voter complaint forms down his toilet.  (Frankly, I would be too – the drains in Ukraine aren’t that good even when they are being used for legitimate purposes).

I also just saw a Channel 4 (UK) news report with similar video of electoral fraud – theirs included pictures of many voting slips – all for Yanukovich – with identical folds and creases in the paper.  Sadly, I can’haven’t found that particular video on the web yet.

Note: The above link was from an email I received – if you have problems with it, try going to the Reuters tv home page.

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