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Satin Pajamas and Important Awards

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Siberian Light opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Click here to donate to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

Every new year brings with it a batch of awards ceremonies.  Oscars, Grammy’s Golden Globes, and countless more.  But all these are, frankly, worth nothing at all when compared with the glory of the 1st European Weblog Awards and the Satin Pajamas that are on offer to the winners. 

Siberian Light has never been nominated for an award before, and I’m slightly intimidated but very very very very happy to realise that I’ve not just been put up for one award, but two!

So, come vote (for me!) in the Best CIS Blog and Best Weblog Focused on a Single Country or Region categories.  And while you’re there, go visit all the other European Blogs too.  They’re really rather good.

Update: Back from work at last!  Which means I finally have the time to put up a list of the excellent blogs I’m competing against in the Best CIS Blog category:

The Russian Dilettante by Alex(ei)

Neeka’s Backlog by Veronica Khokhlova

The Argus by Nathan Hamm et al (including, once in a very blue moon, me)

Foreign Notes by Scott W Clarke

Nominees for the Best Weblog Focused on a Single Country or Region are too many to list here.  The Glory of Carniola looks to be the deserved front runner to date.

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