The strange case of the Patriarch, some sand, and 20 million rouble lawsuit

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4 Responses

  1. Augis says:

    The story with luxurious Swiss watch (Breguet) had a very funny continuation.
    In one of the photos on the official site of the Russian Orthodox Church they photoshopped the hand of Patriarch (removing the watch), but didn’t pay attention that the hand (with watch!) was clearly reflected in the shiny surface of the table, forgetting to airbrush the reflection as well.
    After this incident they had to apologize, but found someone to accuse of photoshopping the pictures without their knowledge.

    You can read more (and see the pcitures) here –>

  2. Misha says:

    Was it an actual matter of “finding someone to blame” as opposed to some under link who was found to have acted independently?

    The hype over this issue is an example of the kind of double standards some have. Consider the compromising instances evident in some other denominations.

  3. Boris M. Garsky says:

    Assuming that this story is credible, one basic question must be asked. How did the dust get into the Patriarchs apartment? There is little doubt in my mind that this would have been deliberate, or done with total negligence. Both are inexcusable. Secondly, and more important is the fact that dust particles, especially in the quantity described are very dangerous to ones health, in which case perhaps, should have been reviewed by the prosecutors office. A lawsuit was totally justified and in order. Such blatant negligence should not be overlooked as merely a momentary frivolity.

  4. Kyle Keeton says:

    Looks like a dead blog! Why?