High heeled sprint in St Petersburg

According to Xinhua, more than 100 women took part in a high heeled sprint in St Petersburg at the weekend.  The minimum (minimum!) height of the heels was cool 9 centimetres.

High Heel Sprint St Petersburg 1

 High Heeled Sprint St Petersburg 2

High Heeled Sprint St Petersburg 3

The winner got to take home a cool 50,000 roubles. Which buys an awful lot of high heeled shoes…

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6 Responses

  1. Nice shots.

    To the greater potential of having a future with foot problems.

    Youth’s short time span is its great value.

    A point noted in several Twilight Zone episodes.

  2. Tim Newman says:

    Tough lot, these Russian girls. Note how the ones going face down into concrete seem to be sporting large grins. These girls ought to get a rugby team together.

  3. GER O'BRIEN says:


    50,000R wouldnt buy you too many trendy shoes in Moscow))!

    That shot of blondinka in the third pic has brightened my day)

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