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Georgia cruise past abject Russia

As expected, Georgia brushed past a rather inept Russia in their latest European Nations Cup game and with just a re-arranged match against the Ukraine to play, the Georgians now head the table in...


Russia and Georgia both win in Rugby ENC

In the latest round of European Nations Cup games, Russia grabbed their opportunity to turn in a winning performance over the Ukraine as they attempt to climb the 2011 European Nations Cup table. However,...

Was Putin booed at Russian fight – or not?

The Western press has been gleefully reporting that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was booed when he addressed the crowd after Russian Fyodor Emelianenko beat American fighter Jeff Monson. US paper the Washington Post...

Russian Army: “Badminton helps you throw grenades!”

Russian Army: “Badminton helps you throw grenades!”

In a startling display of sycophancy, the Russian Defense Ministry has just announced that it will buy 10,000 badminton rackets and shuttlecocks – all because Russia’s President loves the game.

“Playing badminton uses the same muscles as throwing grenades, knives or other objects,” said Colonel Alexander Shchepelev.