Steelseries Siberia Review

A good quality gaming headset is vital for a great modern gaming experience, especially when playing online. When trying to communicate between players, a high quality microphone is really important, both so that your instructions get through clearly and so that there is better separation between voices – if someone cannot tell who is speaking due to the poor audio quality there can be a great deal of confusion. There are also issues with directional audio. A surround system works pretty well most of the time, but for the best directional audio and for playing late at night when you do not want to disturb anyone, a good set of headphones is vital. In this SteelSeries Siberia review we will discuss why these particular headsets are a great choice for both speaking and listening.

Computer gaming headsets have gotten much better over the years. They are continually being redesigned to better cope with the specific needs of gamers. SteelSeries have been at the forefront of this development for a long time. They focus primarily on the very serious gamers who really need extremely high quality, no-nonsense hardware that provides genuine, tangible benefits. You will not find as much fluff and noise from SteelSeries marketing as you do with many otherwise comparable brands. The Steelseries Siberia line is a good example of simple, functional products that nonetheless do not need to sacrifice aesthetics or comfort.

The Siberia headsets come in USB and non-USB variants. They also come with extension cords for when you need the extra length. You can expect them to be very comfortable, as they feature oversized earpieces and are suitably lightweight – no heavy or awkward headphones weighing you down here. The sound quality of the headphones is very good – rich and clear while still providing lots of dramatic bass. The microphone quality is also really good. Recently, the position of the microphone in these headsets was changed somewhat, so that the sound is clearer, less muffled and generally of better quality.

The SteelSeries Siberia headsets are remarkably good value. They are usually available for good prices and are very good quality for what you pay. It is hard to see why you would need much more than a set of these, and they will likely last you a long time, neatly fitting with all your other hardcore gaming gear. For the best gaming experience and performance possible, the Siberia line is a good choice.

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