Steelseries Siberia Neckband Review

The SteelSeries Company is well known for producing a range of very high-quality gear intended for use by hardcore gamers. Their purpose is to provide serious gamers with no-nonsense performance equipment, which will actually help them to improve their skills and keep the upper hand in competitions. SteelSeries are, as a result, not terribly interested in gimmicks or useless accessories that do not provide actual benefits. The upside of all this is that you can expect anything you buy from the SteelSeries lineup will be a genuinely useful product. Through reading this SteelSeries Siberia neckband review, you should see some good examples of this.

Gaming is not a stagnant and constant affair. As technology marches onwards, games continue to develop and evolve into ever more complex and elaborate experiences, often becoming more realistic and more detail-oriented. This means that now more than ever we need good quality equipment to help us stay competitive. A good headset is a prime example of this. The Steelseries Siberia neckband is a variant of the standard, full-size Siberia headsets, which uses a band that sits behind your neck rather than over the top of your head. This design is sometimes seen as more stylish and even more comfortable – the SteelSeries crowd lists the ability to keep your hairstyle intact and even wear a hat while using it to be some of its main attractions over the more traditional style.

Maybe it is worth considering what precisely will be improved through the use of these headsets. One of the primary features is the high quality microphone included, which can be usefully retracted when not in use. The Siberia line is known for its high quality microphones and voice audio reproduction, so you can be sure to avoid some of the frustrating experiences in games when your teammates are not sure who said what or even what was said. The earpiece audio reproduction is also very good, allowing both an immersive sense of depth and drama and a real clarity that can help you hear anything that might help your performance.

These Siberia neckband headphones are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive models on the market, but they are remarkably good value and work very well as a middle-of-the-road alternative. They should last a long time as they are made from sturdy materials. They will also allow you to look stylish while providing their excellent practicality. They are highly recommended all-round.

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