Steelseries Headsets

Make no mistake, the SteelSeries brand of headsets is for professional gamers. What began as a small operation has now blossomed into a company that has become a global leader in gaming accessories. The reason for this is that they are not afraid to try new things. They also listen to their customers. This great combination equals the best audio listening devices the world is never seen. They have eight varieties of headsets available.

• SteelSeries Siberia V2
• SteelSeries 7H (USB)
• SteelSeries 5Hv2 (USB)
• SteelSeries 4H, SteelSeries 3H (USB)
• SteelSeries Neckband
• SteelSeries In-Ear, SteelSeries 5XB (for Xbox)
• SteelSeries 4XB (for Xbox)

What are some of the typical features? Noise Control is number one. It is essential for game performance. Any noise in the background can be distracting when you are trying to aim or concentrate on mission. The SteelSeries is a excellent solution to this problem and is just what you have been looking for. They use noise-dampening leather which fits comfortably around the ears to drown out all the background noise.

Superior sound is next. Fifty MM drivers provide superior sound with heart pumping clarity. It is essential to hear all sounds when gaming. The sound of soft footsteps can alert the player to danger. This can mean the difference between living and dying, winning or losing. When an airplane drops a bomb, you want to feel the sound and see it. However, the steel series does not stop there.

The headsets have been developed and tested by professional game players and musicians. This is to achieve the greatest possible sound. This makes them perfect for all applications, including VoIP and CD music. A USB equalizer helps round out the sound. It has various presets for different environmental settings and types of audio. Now you can take your headset anywhere, use them on any computer, and have the exact same sound settings you have at home.

Finally, the steel series features a durable nylon cord that is double braided for strength. On the cord are controls for the mic and volume. This means you could adjust the sound manually or use the controls to adjust the software settings. This is a very convenient feature because the adjustments can be made on the fly as you are playing the game.

These are just a few of the many benefits. Any gamer will be so impressed they will wonder how they did without them.

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