Siberia Icemat

As serious gamers probably already know, the brand Siberia Icemat used to provide some of the top gaming gear in the industry – and they still do! Siberia Icemat and SteelSeries product lines were launched together by the same parent company in 2001. In 2007, it was decided that the product lines would be combined under the single name SteelSeries. The merchandise supplied to gamers is the same and are still continually evolving to keep up with new technology, as well as with help from consumer product feedback.

SteelSeries produces multiple products, such as mice, headsets, keyboards and surfaces. These products are typically directed at one market: the gamer, professional and otherwise. As mentioned above, when developing new and enhancing their current products, SteelSeries utilizes gamer feedback in an effort to tailor these devices specifically to the needs of consumers in this niche market. With the time, energy and focus that goes into game development and into gaming itself, these consumers need to have the tools at hand that allow them to reach their full potential – in a way that standard, everyday computer hardware cannot.

Siberia Icemat, now completely SteelSeries, is also a global company. Their gaming products can be purchased nearly anywhere in the world. The merchandise can be found in-store at several major retailers, including Best Buy, Gamestop and Microtrend, as well as with major online retailers, such as and In the gaming world, online and off, the brand name is a very well known and respected.

The company itself is relatively recent, with a smaller core group of internal staff linked with a larger base of contributing partners and consultants. Despite its current global influence, SteelSeries and Siberia Icemat began as a two-person show in the city of Copenhagen (not, as you might have thought, in Siberia, Russia!). By chasing and meeting the needs of gamers, their target audience, SteelSeries is now a household name among those very consumers. In addition to following trends in the gaming world, SteelSeries is also a contributor, adding both revenue and promoting the advancement of new technologies.

The gaming market will continue to expand and technology will continue to grow, nearly on a daily basis. SteelSeries started out small and relatively recently, but by keeping in touch with their customers and contributing to the very community they are selling their products to, the SteelSeries brand is one that gamers should expect to see in the gaming world for a very long time to come.

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