Mosnews – RIP

Update, April 2009: After an almost two year break, Mosnews has returned from the dead.

Mosnews logoLast month I reported that the Mosnews website was no longer being updated with new stories.

Sadly, it looks as though Mosnews has now finally gone to the great newsroom in the sky, as their website – – has been completely closed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d ask you to stand for a moment’s silence, to pay your respects to Mosnews, and to mourn all the bizarre stories we will now never hear about.

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21 Responses

  1. Michael Averko says:

    For that matter, whatever happened to ?

  2. Sean says:

    Mosnews . . We speak your name!

  3. MDBIT says:

    News of Moscow News’s death is greatly exaggerated. I bet a guy who writes for it last night, who assures my it’s still alive and sucking at a new site:


  4. Michael Averko says:


  5. ReluctantMuscovite says:

    Mike, MDBIT… is shutting down because it used the name without permission from those who own the Moscow News trade name.

    So, the weren’t the same, but they were supposed to be the same. Now had to give up its squatting and is the only official website of The Moscow News.

  6. MDBIT says:

    That’s interesting. Did it only exist as an online publication, or was it on the streets as well? What was the article quality like? The only adjective I see attached to the name is “bizarre.”

  7. ReluctantMuscovite says:

    Mosnews was only on the internet. There was no print version. The Moscow News, however, is available in a printed format — if you look long and hard enough for it… Though distribution is rumored to have improved.

    Quality of Mosnews articles… no idea.

  8. Putin's cousin says:

    darnit! no wonder their site won’t load. too bad. i’m going to miss them. well, there’s always

  9. ReluctantMuscovite says:

    Moscow Times… Well, I guess if you want bizarre editorial, that’s the place to go!!! :q

  10. Peter Hood says:

    What a shame; for me Mosnews was an important part of taking in the world.

  11. captain says:

    farewell mosnews by beloved old friend. we over at soc.culture.russian will miss your informative and 100% truthful greatness.

  12. tyger says:


    Sad news, sad news indeed.

  13. Boris Gryzlov says:

    I will miss Mosnews for all the great articles and truthful reporting.

  14. Eric Kube says:

    I guess too much publicity killed em. The Drudge Report linked to one of’s stories, and the traffic almost shut down their servers. Then some other news source did an article on how Drudge got stories from such “unknown sites” as, and suddenly, the rest of the world knew who they were… including the boys at Moscow News. Fame killed em. Its a pity.

  15. Somfin says:


  16. wayne says:

    will truly miss this window to the ”mother” Russia

  17. Jacomus says:

    Truly tragic. Really did enjoy their lovely articles, and intriguing take on things. They would have the most interesting, and exotic stories.

  18. hello says:

    oh no. i’m gutted. mosnews was a source of inspiration to short-story writers everywhere…