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Explosion at McDonalds in St Petersburg

McDonalds St Petersburg BombA bomb exploded in a McDonalds restaurant in St Petersburg last night, injuring six people.

The police have ruled out terrorism, and are calling it “hooliganism”, linking it to an explosion last week in a St Petersburg supermarket. St Petersburg based blogger Lex Libertas, who lives just down the road from the restaurant, agrees:

It was probably planted by some of the xenophobic skinheads who unfortunately populate the city.

I’d add that it could also be linked to some kind of business feud – it’s not unknown for warring businesses / mafia gangs to try and scare people, or get revenge by blowing up businesses.

Lex has posted some pictures, and plans a more detailed post on the explosion tomorrow, so it’s probably worth checking his site again over the next few days.


  • Would you also add that it could be linked to Chechen terrorists, indicating that the Kremlin has in fact not pacified that breakaway region as it claims, and that it could be linked to Putin’s anti-American diatribe at Munich a few days ago, which could easily be read by nationalists as giving a green light to this sort of cowardly action? Has Putin come forward and condemned this action? Do we expect him to?

    Attributing it to “hooliganism” or “mafia” is bad enough (if a KGB spy p can’t bring law and order, what good is he?), but it’s the best-case scenario for the Kremlin. Why give them the benefit of the doubt? Do they deserve it?

  • It’s a possibility, although a remote one.

    The vast majority of bombings in Russia (but outside of the South Caucasus) these days are down to either a business feud, or disgruntled nationalists.

    If Chechen’s head for places like St Petersburg or Moscow, they tend to favour attempting ‘spectaculars’, and this doesn’t really seem to be the operation of an organised and funded terror cell.

  • Vast majority of bombings? How terrifying a phrase! You say it like it’s a commonplace occurrence! That’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of modern Russia.

    Meanwhile, you’ve neglected the second point: Assuming this was done by Russian nationalists, Do you think Putin’s anti-American remarks at Munich could have been read as a signal by them to instigate such action? Do you expect Putin to issue a strong public condemnation? Do you think he should have done so already? Do you think he actually disapproves of such actions? Don’t they serve both to terrorize the population (hence making them easier to govern) and to intimidate foreigners (especially pesky human-rights types)?

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