Where is Sochi Russia?

Sochi is a city in Southern Russia, on the Black Sea cost just north of Russia’s border with Georgia and Abkhazia, and approximately 300 miles west of Grozny, capital city of Chechnya in the Russian Caucasus. You can see where Sochi Russia is located from the map in this article.

Because of its seaside location, Sochi is well known in Russia as a resort city. Like so many coastal tourist destinations, Sochi is a long, thin city, to make the most of its access to the sea. Greater Sochi (the city and all its outlying suburbs and satellite towns) is 90 miles long, and it claims that it is therefore the longest city in Europe.

Sochi is also very close to the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains, which have a perfect climate for ski-ing, which makes the city an ideal location for winter sports breaks as well. The combination of the mountains and the warm Black Sea make for an unusual climate – for example, in how many Russian cities do you see palm trees lining the streets?

Sochi has recently become well known on the international stage, as it has been chosen to host the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Sochi will also host Formula 1 races from 2014 onwards, and is one of the 2018 Russia World Cup host cities. Bandy, a less well known winter sport will also host the 2014 Bandy World Championships in Sochi.

Sochi city is divided into a number of administrative districts. The heart of Sochi is the Central City District; other districts include the Laxerevsky City District, the Khostinsky City District and the Adlersky City District.

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