The Lazy Hack’s Guide to Writing About Putin

I know that everyone in Russia is supposed to love Putin, but does anyone else find it just a little bit suspicious that three British news organisations all have articles out this weekend comparing young Vladimir to Russia’s Tsars of old?

One from Steve Rosenburg at the BBC…

One from Angus Roxburgh, who also works a lot for the BBC…

And one from Tom Parfitt, who I don’t think actually works for the BBC. But he’s in Moscow, and I’ll bet he goes out drinking with the other two…

They’re good articles, mind. Well worth reading. But still, nobody else in the “world according to Google ™” has an article out on the Putin/Tsar theme this weekend. If you’re going to collude on story ideas, try and be a little bit more subtle about it, eh lads? Stagger the articles or something.

Update: Good God! The Telegraph has got one, as well. Is this a peculiarly British disease, I wonder?

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4 Responses

  1. mart says:

    Well spotted. I read one of these pieces – was not overly impressed I must say.


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  3. observer says:

    “Supposed to” is the right wording.

    I guess there is no doubt Putin will win the elections – he has a wide supply of things like control of mass media & censorship, political technologies and so on to make the people choose him as the only candidate worth voting for.

    Many of independently thinking people call for the boycott of elections. That will not change much as even if there’d be no majority to call elections legitimate, the numbers will be corrected and everything will look OK.

    Nevertheless – here’s the address:

  1. March 12, 2004

    Best Loved Russian Leader in 50 Years

    BBC NEWS – The people’s president? Later this month Russians will be going to the polls to elect a new president. There are unlikely to be any surprises. Surveys show that Vladimir Putin is the most popular Russian politician in decades. On national TV…