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Thoughts on Putin’s Win

After all the fuss, Putin actually won the Russian Presidential Election pretty comfortably. As I write this, 99.3% of the votes have been counted, and Putin got 63.75% of them and his nearest challenger...


Moscow Protests: For now or the future?

Protests took place in Moscow on Monday as people unhappy at United Russia’s manipulation of Sunday’s Russian Duma election took to the streets. Numbers are difficult to judge, but it appears that around 5-6,000...


How United Russia stole victory

United Russia won 49.54% of the popular vote in this weekend’s Duma Election, which was just enough to secure it an overall majority in the Duma. By and large, election observers felt that the...


Top flight football returns to Chechnya

Tonight, for the first time in more than a decade, top-flight Russian football will be played in Chechnya. After years of playing in exile, Terek Grozny have finally been granted permission to play at their home city.

Iran training Chechens to fight in Russia 13

Iran training Chechens to fight in Russia

Oh, this is going to just thrill the boys at the Kremlin – Iran is training Chechens in terror techniques: Iran is secretly training Chechen rebels in sophisticated terror techniques to enable them to...

Chechen elections 0

Chechen elections

I’ve held back from commenting on yesterday’s Chechen parliamentary elections, mainly because I’m pretty sure they’ll be… how can I put this?… unrepresentative. For anyone who hasn’t already worked out the lie of the...