– Adverts appearing across London

All over London, adverts for, the online magazine for Russia’s affluent elite have been popping up, targeting the British Russian ex-pat community. I took this picture on the London Underground at Euston yesterday:


And this massive billboard towers over Earls Court (see original on Flickr):


Has anyone else seen any more examples of advertising to the ex-pat community around the world? Send me a picture and I’ll publish it here.

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6 Responses

  1. is an excellent portal into the social psychology of the new Russia’s “historyless elites”; a shallow, degenerate diaspora whose baleful “cultural” influence – materialism, consumerism, spiritual prostration before the West – should be extirpated from the Russian lands.

  2. Righteous Advocate says:

    Whether elites or not, “historyless” is lacking elsewhere, among a good number of non-Russians.

    This works well for the elites who promote war as a continuation of diplomacy. by other means.

  3. Andy says:

    Brings to mind an article a couple of weeks ago in the British press. To paraphrase:

    Schoolchildren were asked who Adolf Hitler was. A sizeable portion thought he used to be manager of the German football team…

  4. Righteous Advocate says:

    American TV talk show host Jay Leno has a series ridiculing the large scale ignorance of basic historical facts.

  5. Adrian says:

    Thanks for showing my photo. I did wonder what the billboard advertised; I agree in part with Sublime Oblivion above.