Russia blog roundup – September

GlobeSince I got back from vacation I’ve been ploughing through literally thousands of unread posts in my RSS feed reader, and I thought it was about time I shared my latest pick of the best blog posts about Russia.

Unsurprisingly, most of the Russia blogs have been extensively covering the war in Georgia, but I’ve decided to showcase mostly non-war related stuff this month, for those hankering after more peaceful times.

Blog News

But before we start looking at actual posts, let’s start off with a quick round up of what’s new, and who has moved in the Russia blogosphere.

  • La Russophobe has moved from her old blogger site to a shiny new site.  Apparently blogger is no longer reliable enough.
  • La Russophobe, by the way, has acquired an anti-fan club – La Russophobe Exposed.  LaRE follows on the heels of the short-lived La Russophobe Uncovered, which vanished from blogspot pretty soon after launch – banned?  Although, if you’re curious, a search for “La Russophobe Uncovered” shows that the Google cached version of the site still exists.
  • Eagle and the Bear is a new blog from Alec, a student in St Petersburg.
  • Daniel’s Wanderings looks like an interesting new blog, although I’m not sure if it will last – it hasn’t been updated for a couple of weeks.
  • SOS Georgia is a very slick looking site / blog covering Georgia.  No prizes for guessing their viewpoint on the war.
  • Michael Totten, an independent blog journalist has been reporting from Georgia.
  • The Copydude is back.  Look out Kaliningrad.
  • The eXile returns in a new online only format – eXiled.

Because I’ve been away for a while, I’ve probably missed a fair few developments.  If you know of, or would like to promote any new blogs, leave a note below in the comments.

Top posts

Leaving aside the war, the most intense debate among Russia bloggers recently has been on the topic of Russophobia.  The debate was kicked off by the Streetwise Professor, who explained how his classical liberal beliefs have led him to be critical of a Russia that is rooted in a much more authoritarian, statist philosophy.  Despite his criticism of Russia, however, the Professor still classes himself as a true Russophile.  The Professor’s initial post led to some fascinating responses from both Timothy Post and Da Russophile.  Sadly, though, I couldn’t see any response from Kim, the Queen of Russophobes…

And now on to the best of the rest:

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4 Responses

  1. Sherkan says:

    Thanks for trying to avoid the war theme. For the last weeks, that is all we read about in the blogosphere

  2. Also, for those interested in Russian demographics, I finished my 3-part series.

    Population projections/models – more optimistic than usually assumed

    Death rates – horrid, only tentative signs of improvement. Albeit AIDS not as big an issue as alarmists would have it.

    Birth rates – low but rising rapidly since 2005, and mostly due to increases in total fertility rates rather than increasing cohort of women of childbearing age

    Da Russophile´s last blog post..Editorial: Russia and Limits to Growth

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