Russia Blog Roundup – 15 June 2010

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4 Responses

  1. Carlys Dating Chronicles says:

    Your blog is helpful! I have my own blog ( where I write all about my dating life in New York City. I loved Russia and have been there so many times. Moscow is a great city!

  2. Pam Loewy says:

    Readers of might want to check out video magazine telegraph21’s ( featured excerpt from Robin Hessman’s “My Perestroika,” the engaging and inspiring story of five Russian schoolmates who came of age as the USSR broke apart in 1991.

    Please feel free to embed our video on your site or post a link:

  3. Your site is very helpful. I would be delighted if you could include my blog “Dividing My Time: Finding the Funnier Side of Life In Russia” on your roll. Thank you!

  4. Carlys,

    I am sure that your blog is interesting but completely not connected with the subject.