Watch England Live Free Online

If you want to watch England vs Germany live online, then there are plenty of options open to you. In England, both of the main TV channels – BBC and ITV – will broadcast the game live on the internet. In Germany also, the national broadcasters will show the game.

If you haven’t got a broadband connection, then you can always watch England vs Germany live commentary – BBC and ITV again offer this interesting way to watch England live, but there are also many other competitors – all the main newspapers – the Guardian, Times, Sun, etc have an online commentary throughout the match.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to watch England v Germany, you will hopefully get the chance to see England play in the World Cup quarter finals – either watch England vs Argentina live online, or watch England vs Mexico live online.

For background on the history to watching England live online, you can read this article about how England’s match with Ukraine last year was broadcast only on the internet.

For the first time in history, an England football game will not be shown on British TV. Instead, football fans will this weekend either be forced to pay to watch England v Ukraine live online, or to take a trip to their local Odeon cinema, where the game will also be broadcast live.

The ground breaking decision to broadcast the match live on the internet was taken by rights owner Kentaro after Irish-owned TV company Setanta, who had previously owned the rights to broadcast this match, went bust. Kentaro tried to sell the rights to another British broadcaster, such as BBC, ITV or Sky Sports but, as England have already qualified for this summer’s football World Cup in South Africa, nobody was interested in paying the high asking price for a match that would effectively be a friendly match, and which the England manager Fabio Capello will probably use to test a number of fringe players.

Therefore, Kentaro decided to take the brave step of partnering with online sports broadcaster Perform for a very publicly trialing pay per view online football viewing. They’ve set up a website – – and are offering exclusive access to the match via a live internet stream.  Prices for the game have been set on a rising scale depending on how late in the day you book your access.

  • £4.99 – Book by the end of Wednesday
  • £9.99 – Book on Thursday or Friday
  • £11.99 – Book on Saturday

The low cost obviously gives an incentive to book early.  But to add another incentive, Perform have announced that they will cap the number of people who can register to watch the game at 1 million.  This is to ensure that they don’t overload their servers.

Still, even if every single one of those million subscribers watches England play pays a mere £4.99, the match will net a cool £5 million.

In another interesting development, Perform seem to have set up some further partnership deals (presumably on the affiliate model) with top British newspapers. There are Times Online and Telegraph versions of the site that presumably take a cut of the profits when you book. These newspapers are also offering an additional way of watching the Ukraine vs England match – if you set up an account at UK online bookmaker Bet365, and ensure that your account is in credit, you get to watch England vs Ukraine live online for free.

Personally I think this is a great experiment, and I’ll be fascinated to see how it turns out.  Fans on the other hand aren’t all that keen – they’ve been grumbling about the game not being shown on terrestrial, free to air tv.  What do you think?  Will you be watching England vs Ukraine live online?  Or will you wait until to see the match highlights online later, when they are shown for free?

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21 Responses

  1. spencer says:

    we have all paid out for HD T.V’s and now you want us to watch football on a laptop, no chance mate, i hope this has a backlash on Kentaro, these people dont live in the same world as us, we are in a recession and they want more money out of us, football is the only think to look foward to now your gone and f**ked us over that. PARASITES

  2. Adam says:

    I think you’re being a bit harsh, they obviously tried selling it to the BBC, ITV etc first but they weren’t interested. It looks like it was a choice between paying to watch online or not showing it at all and I’m quite interested in seeing if it works out.

  3. chris says:

    u shouldnt have 2 pay 2 watch ur own f*ckin country anyway,f*ckin pathetic

  4. Lon123 says:

    Agree with most of you – England games should be aired free whether on TV or online. I do think internet streaming will be the future as it has great advantages and people will be paying to watch certain commercial content, HOWEVER, no-one should pay to watch England in this country. If we vote with our feet it will never happen again..

  5. James says:

    Personally, I think it’s b£ll^cks. I am an England supporter. I pay my TV licence, taxes etc. Why do I need to pay to support my country. Personally, I will be looking for a free way to watch this and not pay a penny.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Its f*cking disgraceful if you ask me! I hope they go bust aswell!

    They payed to take England games away from the public with money they didn’t have in the first place, they don’t care that we can’t be patriotic and watch them play, they just wanted to make money out of us during a recession!

    We must be the only country in the world who don’t show national games live on national TV. They tried to sell the rights for a sh1t load of money too, who do they think we are?

    1million is their cap too? When setanta could only manage half a million? seems like they’ll be making sweet FA for this little scheme!

    They could of made more money selling the rights if you ask me! This country is going down hill, you can bet your life that the game will be shown live on TV is asia/africa.

  7. artey says:

    patriotism…they cant spell it…england matches should be on all the british channels for free.we pay our fees to watch but the idiots want brown and co,step in and support yr home teams and air them all on tv…FOR FREE

  8. David says:


    First of all, Leave Brown out of it.

    Second, Tomorrow’s and Monday’s papers will have the viewing figures.

    How can i be sure that figures will be 100% accurate and not bumped up to give us all the feeling that this is the way to go forward?

  9. David says:

    Why don’t you guys write to the Telegraph and other papers/outlets to boycott the viewing? Simply ranting isn’t going to do anything. The fact is everyone wants to make a penny out of this and until you don’t hit them wear it hurts, we;re the one’s who will always lose out.

  10. mel says:

    where can i watch it free Englang games

  11. rich byrne says:

    I wont pay another bloody penny, what sort of an advert does “open an account watch england for free” at the betting shop say?
    Football is our national sport, its because of the greed involved,cheap foreign imports and smaller feeder clubs who traditionally produced young stars having little or no money for youth development going into recievership that have ruined our beloved game. we should restore national pride and have access to all England games?
    Create interest at grass roots and for once give us a break

  12. magpies1862 says:

    Money talks… always has done.
    Nobody gives a damn about people any more, we are all just seen as pounds, shillings and pence..( sorry, I was brought up pre-decimalisation!!)
    I’m listening to 5 live….Ferdinand drops a bo##ock and Green sent off… glad I didn’t pay to watch that rubbish!

  13. annmarie says:

    This is digusting we suffer cricket we suffer tennis but if you want to watch your national game and team you have to watch on a poxy computer screen whats the point in big screen tv’s

    • patsy says:

      chillout maria tennis is good big screen tvs are good 4 snooker and golf and corrie


  14. patsy says:

    dont pay them scumbagz

  15. Good win for Ukraine:

    Russia wasn’t as fortunate in its match against Germany. Bosnia, Cyprus and Serbia among the winners in recent play.

  16. Irishman says:

    ”Russia wasn’t as fortunate in its match against Germany. Bosnia, Cyprus and Serbia among the winners in recent play.”

    They were unlucky against the Germans, they hit everything except the back of the net. However they have drawn tonite, and played poorly, against Azerbaijan. One wonders are they in a slump. We’ll be hoping to get either Russia or Greece in the play-offs and avoid France and Portugal. I’d have been worried about Russia before this weekend, but now they are the lesser of several evils.

  17. Irishman says:

    Groan, we drew France. We’re toast!:-(