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Russia is Europe’s largest internet market

After a slow start, Russia has now officially got the largest number of web users in Europe. According to the latest Comscore report, 50.8 million Russians have access to the internet through either a...


Russia WTO entry – all but guaranteed

Russia’s World Trade Organisation entry has been all but guaranteed after the WTO’s Working Party on Russian membership agreed the precise rules and obligations that Russia will have to meet as a member of...


i Newspaper

i Newspaper is launched today for just 20p. It’s the first pay newspaper to be launched in the UK since 1984.

Google barred from buying Russian advertising company 4

Google barred from buying Russian advertising company

In an interesting piece of protectionism, Google’s bid to buy Begun, the advertising arm of Russian search engine company Rambler Media, has been blocked by the Russian competition regulator. Russia is the only European...