Did Roman Abramovich lose $500,000 yacht at poker?

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8 Responses

  1. Balqis says:

    I wouldn’t give much credit to the Metropolitan Post
    It’s mainly a gossip site
    Apparently after an ultimatum from Daria, he passed from real poker to the one online, like Paris Hilton and Doronin
    If you click on Moda&Mode, then put the text under ABRAMOVICH PERDE LA BARCA A POKER, in Google translator, you can have an idea of this big scoop
    Ciao :-)

  2. Mr. Abramovich is suing “Republica” for slander.

    Russian President (unofficial)´s last blog post..American autoworkers compete to keep jobs, livelihoods on new reality show

  3. Andy says:

    I’d best be careful what I say about Roman…

  4. online poker pro magazine says:

    Is there any other site which has claimed that Roman Abramovich lose $500,000! Its really unbelievable!!!

  5. 05.05.09 | tribalfootball.com

    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has denied reports he lost one of his fleet of yachts in a high stakes poker game.

    “The story is absolutely, completely, entirely false,” Abramovich spokesman John Mann said after three Russian daily newspapers published versions of the story that originated in the Italian press.

    The popular daily Moskovsky Komsomelets said the oligarch lost the $US500,000 yacht while playing poker in Barcelona, which he was visiting to watch Chelsea in action last week.

    Two other mass-circulation Russian dailies, Izvestia and Trud, also published the story, citing the Italian newspaper La Repubblica as the source of the information.

    Mr Mann said Mr Abramovich had not been in Barcelona for the Chelsea match and asserted that the entire story was a fabrication.

    “We have instructed our lawyers to examine legal action over publication of the story,” he said.

    Russian President (unofficially)´s last blog post..America: Freedom to Fascism

  6. poemless says:

    Also, from AFP:

    “The Russian newspaper said his poker habit had become a sore point between him and girlfriend Daria Zhukova and that the billionaire, who made his fortune in Russia’s sell-off of state assets in the 1990s, had instead turned to gambling online.”

    That is kind of depressing.

  7. Sounds like one of those tools who get OK-ish at it and now consider themselves the shiznit.

    Da Russophile´s last blog post..Preparing for the Pandemic

  8. Tim Newman says:

    I’m not sure that the loss of a $500,000 yacht is going to bother him all that much…

    Exactly. $500k does not buy you much yacht, at least not amongst those with whom Abramovitch rubs shoulders.

    Tim Newman´s last blog post..Russian Visa Requirements