10,000 protest in Moscow against Putin

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4 Responses

  1. In his blog, he wrote (RUS): “The next demonstration must not be ‘against’ but ‘for’. We need to move away from the format of ‘five minutes of hate’ and announce a plan of action, answer the question ‘What next?’ and demand the authorities conduct reforms.”

    Damn those people are slow learners.

  2. viola says:

    Sergei Uldatsov – mistake, should be written Udaltsov
    P.S. I voted for Putin, and all my friends too.

  3. The protest movement has been a positive expression of freedom of speech, a sign that true democracy does exist in Russia. The hard work begins here for Russia’s opposition. It won’t and shouldn’t be in the guise of further protest but the hard graft of organising itself, promoting policies and producing a credible option.

    However, the opposition is the minority as is often the case. The Russian people have chosen their President. We must respect their decision.

    The following artcicle expresses this view further: http://russia-insights.com/analysis/glory-to-russia-time-to-move-on

  4. Ingrid says:

    We just wrote a posting about Putin, the private sector and protesters. I noticed the reports coming out of Moscow were very conflicting, with some saying that Mon-Weds protesters weren’t really subjected to police violence and some saying there were sporadic incidents of baton beatings. Do you have any credible english sources you recommend to keep up? Our posting is at http://securingdevelopment.org/2012/05/10/putin-and-the-private-sector/
    I’d appreciate any feedback you have about my read of the situation!

    Thanks, Ingrid (@ingridattempts)